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These are projects and research problems I am currently working on

Ageing & retirement
  • The causes and consequences of retirement: A sociological perspective (project page)

  • Employers, organisational processes and age management

  • Work at older ages & extending working lives

  • Ageing policies

  • Age stereotypes & age discrimination

  • Lifelong learning (LEEP project)

Work in the XXI century & life course inequalities
  • Destandardisation of occupational careers

  • Risks, vulnerabilities, and cumulative disadvantages

  • Role of organisations for socio-economic stratification 

  • New dimensions of life courses inequalities

Data & methods: Making the best use of the data
  • Comparative Panel File (CPF)

  • Agent-based modelling in retirement studies

  • Open science for non-experimental social sciences

Main current projects

CPF logo_GitH.png

Comparative Panel File

Open science project to harmonize the world’s major and longest-running household panel surveys. CPF provides an open-source code to construct a comparative dataset based on the original data from the household panel surveys. The code can be further modified and extended. The project aims to support the community of researchers interested in comparative life course studies.
I am the author and main developer. First version published in December 2020.


Longitudinal Employer–Employee Perspectives on the Role of Human Capital Investments for Retirement Transitions

Research funded by the European Commission within Horizon 2020 - Maria Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (2017-2019).

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